Best Tips to Hire The Best Developer for Your Business

If you are a software development company or a startup owner looking for how to hire the best Developer, then you are landed on the right page with us. You must have realized that the competition in the marketplace is at high speed and not able to hire the best web developers can eventually harm your business prospects somewhere. To stay ahead in this competition, you cannot afford to build a poorly developed application or website if you want to attain success in the marketplace.

Therefore, it is important to build an ideal team of mobile app developers to create a disruptive and perfect software solution. In a startup business, tech resources take a huge fraction of your budget, and you have to depend on your IT division to get productive and guaranteed results for your organization. In an iOS App Development Company, the complete performance of the company depends on the quality of the mobile app developers.

Now the question here is how to hire the best Developer? In this write-up, we are going to elaborate on the tips to hire the best developers for your startup business. So that you can make intelligent decisions and hire the best developers who are skilled in working on top programming languages using a variety of development tools and are fully capable of developing astonishing solutions.

Keep in mind, if you fail to hire the right developers for your startup, then it can also bring down the confidence of your team and some of them may even decide to leave your company due to poor results. That’s why it is good to follow the below-mentioned tips or simply hire a developer from the Top 10 Mobile app development companies in India which will certainly help you in your development process.

Let’s get started…

Tips to hire best Developer

Be honest and upfront in the job description

It is good, to be honest, and specific towards what you are looking for, and what the short and long term goals you have and what skills you want and what skills you don’t want in the software developer. The job description will help you get a much more relevant candidate. Since the job description describes exactly what you want and what you don’t in the developer, you can now evaluate resumes and choose the candidate of your choice accordingly. In case you are not getting the right stream of candidates that fit your job description, then you connect with an expert recruiter.

Flexible with latest Languages and Tools

In this highly fast-paced world, the latest languages get stale faster than anything else. It is good to check the knowledge of the developer. Focus on the basic points and how the candidate approaches difficulty. Start the interview by asking the basics about the various languages. If you don’t want to annoy your candidates with a usual interview routine, start with some basic questions that will make the procedure lit bit appealing. You also need to make sure that the candidate must have an outstanding understanding of using the latest tools.

Don’t Focus on the Resume

Never judge the candidate based on their resume. Several candidates look great based on their resumes but eventually perform poor in the system test and the in-person interview. Having achievements are nice, but these two other areas of the hiring procedure can’t be overlooked. Just keep in mind to avoid the stereotype questions to judge or test the knowledge of the developer. Ask technical questions that are related to your project or ask questions about some design patterns to verify the skills.

Set the Right Expectations

It is very significant to set your expectations accurate. For instance, in case you require them to be available online 24*7 then you have to clear all the things on this before hiring the candidate. Most of the times startups tend to lose their best employees in the initial stages of employment due to this reason. Be honest with them on your expectations from them. This means you will be able to make a strong team of people rather than finding a replacement every time.

Learn more about their previous work

If you are looking for a passionate developer and not just someone who does coding to finish his/her task then it is good to ask the developer about the past work. Apart from just asking technical questions, do ask them about their preferred projects. This will help you know their interest in what they do. Do not hire a candidate to just fit the role, in its place find a teammate! Check their previous projects and check customer testimonials to know the quality of work on the project that the developers have worked on. If the former clients are happy with work, then it is clear that you are going to hire the right developer for your next project.


In nutshell, while hiring a developer, try to find out how much creative the developer is rather than just focusing on theoretical questions. Hence look for a candidate who is more creative and gives more unique ideas in the interview procedure. In this blog, we have shared with you some of the top tips to hire developers for your startup company. These tips will work for all business types whether you are a startup or multinational software or business who wishes to scale up speedily. These tips will help you to employ a developer who is ideal for your business in all aspects.