The ‘build it and they will come’ motto doesn’t work, especially when it comes to web traffic. With millions of websites covering every possible niche you can imagine you need to put in some promotional effort to be found like promotional tools.

Unfortunately, for many web entrepreneurs when they first start they don’t have a lot of resources in place to hire marketing agencies or spend money on advertising. So how can you build a web presence for your business? The answer is with some sweat equity and free do-it-yourself tools. Let’s take a look at five free branding and promotional tools that you can use to drive and convert traffic while establishing your brand presence.

Explore 5 Free Promotional Tools

Crello : Best Promotional Tools

Before you think about promoting your business you need to make sure you have the right brand assets in place. To market your business effectively, you need to come up with well thought out brand messaging and design. Crello is a free graphic design solution that you can use to design marketing items such as flyers, banner ads, presentations, business cards, etc.

Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body you can easily come up with a beautiful design in a few minutes. Choose a template, add your content, upload your logo, and make sure your brand colors are incorporated as well. Using your brand colors consistently across all of your marketing material will enforce your brand recognition. Once you are done you can download your design and start using across the web and print right away.

Later : Best Promotional Tools

One of the most obvious yet effective ways to establish your web presence is through social media. Figure out on which social media platforms your target audience spends most of their time and set up an account there.

It’s advisable to be represented across all of the major platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Creating engaging social media content is time-consuming. Also, managing the different accounts and scheduling posts eats up even more of your time. To be more efficient try a free tool like Later. Later lets you connect your different social media accounts and schedule and automate your content from one place. You’ll also get interesting insights, which will give you a chance to analyze what works and what doesn’t. After all your social media campaigns are only as good as your engagement.

Sender : Top Promotional Tools

Email marketing is a very effective promotional tool every entrepreneur should consider. Email marketing doesn’t mean blasting lots of spam emails but carefully curating a newsletter list. This form of communicating allows you to build a connection and trust with potential leads and existing customers over time.

Start collecting emails on your website and wherever else you get a chance. Use a tool like a sender to then import your email list and to set up email campaigns. They offer beautiful email templates, automation, insights, and everything else you need to run a successful email campaign.  Analyzing this data carefully will allow you to make adjustments to increase metrics like open rate and click through. 

ArtiBot : Best Promotional Tools

Driving traffic to your website is important. What happens then is just as important, however. If visitors don’t convert to customers all of your hard work to promote your business is wasted. ArtiBot is a live website chatbot that you can use to engage with visitors as they browse your pages.

You can answer any questions they may have during the checkout process or schedule demo presentations or anything else. Offering live support like that can make a huge difference in your conversion rates. The higher your conversions the more revenue you’ll generate which in turn will allow you to fund more promotional efforts. This tool is easy to install, simply copy and paste a code snippet and you’re up and running.

Portent  : Top Promotional Tools

Another popular way to drive traffic to your website is through blog posts. Writing engaging blog posts not only establishes you as an authoritative figure in your field but also allows you to drive free organic traffic from search engines. This is a time-consuming process, however. Coming up with blog topics, writing, publishing, etc. can eat up quite a bit of your time.

As an entrepreneur time is one of your most important resources so you must be as efficient as possible. Use a free tool like Portent to help you come up with catchy blog titles in minutes. Simply enter a topic and then generate title suggestions. Keep in mind these titles are auto-generated so you should review for grammar and punctuation before blindly publishing.

Now It’s Time to Get Busy Promoting Your Site

There are a lot of wonderful promotional tools available that you can quickly uncover with a Google search. The ones listed here will get you started and can increase your brand presence. Once you have exhausted these resources search for others and give those a try as well.