There are many creative marketing strategies you can undertake to enhance your brand recognition and maintain its permanence for a future relevance. That said, only a few of these strategies are as effective as the production of video content.

Marketers rely heavily on video content, owing to the fact that people are receptive to animated visuals as opposed to texts or even imagery when observing respective brands. Normally, marketers hire graphic designers to further their explainer video prospects. You can always do it on your own, but it will prove to be a difficult endeavor.

Visual content in and of itself has a domineering position among the communicative entities as they are the ones that stick in the minds of the viewers at a fast pace. Viewers are entertained by eye-catching video content, especially when it channels necessary information in the form of storytelling. It involves the combination of a well-organized story with striking motion graphics so that the product you are offering is embedded in the minds of your viewers. We will discuss in detail the techniques and elements of explainer videos in the promotion of your brand.

Implementing Color Palette

Colors make the first impression on the viewer and become associated with their brands prior to them being trademarked. Take the example of the purple color of Cadbury or the Red color of Coca-Cola. The main purpose of a color palette is to make your brand recognizable and ensure that it conveys your brand’s identity to the viewer. A color palette will represent your brand in any channel, be it your website, social media posts, or email strategy. The same is the case for their implementation in your explainer videos, especially in the animated ones.

The best part about animated videos is that you can be flexible with your brand’s color palettes in different ways. This can range from the out of the characters to the objects on the screen. This way, you can strengthen how audiences associate these colors with your brand. The primary goal is to inspire the viewers with your colors and evoke positive emotions from them so that they are drawn into your brand. It is best to utilize about two or three colors. Any more than that and you could render your brand into looking messy. You need also to ensure that your colors are consistent in their flow and not too dramatic when displayed in the animation.

Animation to Underline Your Brand’s Presence

Animated videos are far better than Live-Action videos when it comes to the growth of the brand. This is because animation has a better conveyance of fantasy-related content than live-action, which is more tied to reality. What makes animations stand out is that there are no limitations when it comes to showcasing creativity, and it requires a lesser budget than live-action, which requires an ample amount of resources.

You can easily portray a character fly to a planet with only his bike, whereas doing so in a live-action sequence will be much more challenging. The brand’s value proposition also experiences its share of challenges with the absence of portrayal in animation. Take the example of slack that uses compelling animation to message its value proposition to its target audience.

Now let’s discuss your logo. In order to make your brand have a stronger effect, you need to ensure that your logo is more than just a throwaway frame. A logo is something you want to be imprinted in your audience’s minds upon first glance regardless of how and where it is portrayed, and that includes in an animation video. The logo you showcase in your video needs to be meaningful as well as subtle at the right timing. Your logo needs to have some aspects on a video in which they can have a consequential impact on your viewers as they follow the video’s every movement.

Once your logo appears in the video, it should be consistent and coherent with the overarching content to make an influential impact. The trick is to state your client’s pain points before introducing them to your logo, demonstrating how your service or product is the best solution for their woes. As the audience becomes familiar with your product, they will link it with your logo and your company as a whole. It is preferable to display your logo at the end of the video as a reminder to the audience.

Meaningful Sound Design

An explainer video is not limited to the visual facet. It also involves the sound design that explains your brand purposes to your audience. A sound design that complements your video’s illustration and animation will tie the entire body together, rendering it with a professional outlook. It will boost your audience’s understanding of your brand products and services. A meaningful sound design is not restricted to music. An explainer video pairs its music with a voice-over, which will direct your video’s feel and tone. Choose an artist who will reflect the identity of your brand through his voice. The artist needs to meet your linguistic, tone, and gender criteria before he can perform his services. Once you have the artist in place, your video will have the look and sound you need to launch your video.

An explainer video is an ideal route you can take to further your brand. You will find people increasingly receptive to the video faster than imagery or illustration. It is the best option to take your business to a professional level and propel it to its pinnacle.