‘Responsive Web design’ ensures that your website is not only user-friendly on your PC or laptop, but also on your tablet and smartphone. Websites work optimally on every device. We achieve this mainly by adjusting the layout, navigation, and buttons according to the size of the screen on which the website is viewed. And for that, we don’t have to develop a completely new website. A number of interventions, the continuous monitoring of the latest trends and our professional knowledge are sufficient. For more reviews about website builders, check out Clasywebsitebuilders.com

Explore – Advantages Of Using Responsive Web Design

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Why responsive web design?

The technology does not standstill. This also has consequences for the development of websites. Unlike, say, 10 years ago, more and more users are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They constantly check their emails on their mobile phones, visit interesting websites on their tablets or download apps on their smartphones. So the websites must be responsive.

Responsive design benefits:

Just like a mobile website, there are various reasons for choosing a responsive design to serve the mobile audience. Responsive Web Design also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Easy to manage:

An important advantage of responsive website design is that changes to a website only have to be implemented once through a single CMS environment. Because you only manage one website, you only have to publish and update the content once.

SEO benefit:

A responsive design can be positive with regard to SEO: all backlinks refer to one domain. Bots and crawlers therefore only need to scan one website. As a result, search engines also have to index everything only once. Google itself recommends the use of responsive design.


One of the biggest advantages of a responsive website is scalability. With an increasing number of different web browsers and mobile devices, it can become quite expensive if they each require their own version.

Why a responsive website?

If your website is responsive then visitors with a mobile device will stay on your website longer. After all, the website is pleasantly readable and operable. If this is not the case then you will continue to search quickly. Because the visitors stay longer on the website, you have the opportunity to bring your services or product range to the attention, so that they will proceed to purchase earlier.

A responsive website will, therefore, lead to more sales, this is also confirmed in various surveys. A responsive website also shows that your company keeps up with the times and that it takes its customers seriously.

A responsive website and Google ranking:

Google sees the emergence of mobile devices like no other and wants to give the users of its search engine good user experience. Google does this by preferably sending its users to websites that are responsive. So that its users, regardless of the device they use, end up on a website that is easy to read and operate.

For determining the ranking of websites, Google uses an algorithm that gives weight to various factors. The number of links to a website is such a factor. Responsive websites receive a greater weighting from Google than websites that are not. By making the website responsive, it is, therefore, possible to go beyond the competition (if they do not have a Responsive website) in the ranking.