A good and perfect graphic designer must be familiar with the importance of logos, font, or designs. If you do not choose the font wisely, then your logo or design will not look appealing as it should be. The biggest mistake that any graphic design can do is not to give proper consideration to the font.

As a graphic designer, you must pay special attention to how to choose the right font, the right size, or the right color for your brand or website.

Your reader will first look at the logo then they will proceed to your site. If your logo does not look attractive or understandable, then it might be possible they will not look at your website.

If you are a graphic designer, then you must know about the Gotham font and why it is grabbing everyone’s attention everywhere. In this article, I am going to cover every information about the Gotham font to make you more familiar with it and its importance.

Let’s Learn about Gotham Font

What is Gotham Font?

Gotham is a geometric sans-serif typeface family and is one of the most loved fonts around the globe. It was created by Tobias Frere-Jones, who is an American designer. Since the creation of Gotham font, it has been widely used for the top leading brands and companies. It was developed for professional use in 2000 but the Gotham Font free version was also used by many designers and despite so many years, its popularity is not only the same; in fact, it is increasing with time. However, it was released for Public use in 2002 after two years.

Advantages of Using Gotham Font

Before moving to the actual topic, let me unfold the advantages and benefits of Gotham font and why it is popular among people and what factors make it worth using and worth appreciating. The critical points of its advantages incorporate.

  1. One of the most significant benefits of Gotham font is it makes your design look attractive, different, and eye-catching. It is what every graphic designer should pay attention to. If your design does not appeal to anyone, then it will not get maximum attention.
  2. The top leading brands and companies are using this font for their logos, and even after several years of its release, it is still being used everywhere.
  3. Gotham font comes in multiple widths, versions, and sizes. Every version comprises of a different design. You can choose any of the designs according to your requirement and demand.
  4. The Gotham font is considered the most favorite font of all the top leading graphic designers, and it has been used by famous companies, famous talk shows, and top leading brands.
  5. The Gorham font is very understandable; that is why it easily clicks the attention of the reader. By understanding the font, they perceive the idea of your brand or website.

Why does Brand Identity Matters?

It is one of the most thoughtful questions that why brand identity matters? One of the reasons for its importance is how people perceive you and your company. The components of your brand ought to make a clear image of your goals and leave clients with a positive impression of your organization. It produces attention to your organization or brand among your objective market. Without brand mindfulness, you can’t extend your market, create new income, or make open doors for development.

Use of Gotham Font

Let’s talk about all the brands or events where Gotham font has been used and is still using.

1 – In Obama’s Campaign

A few years ago, the former president of America, Obama used Gotham font for his election campaign. Earlier, the Perpetua font was used, which later changed into Gotham font. The font was used in multiple posters during the campaign, and it received a huge hype and recognition.

After the elections, Obama won the Presidency, and later the Gotham font kept on using in multiple federal government projects due to its increasing popularity and due to the demand that it received during the campaign.

2 – Freedom Tower

In 2004 the Gotham font was used on the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center Site. The font captured everyone’s attention. It was written in the upper-case letters. However, people criticized writing all the letters in the upper case as they wanted to have mix letters.

3 – Coca Cola

Do you know that the Gotham font is the official font for Coca Cola marketing? Whenever they do marketing of their brand, they use the Gotham font.

Along with other fonts, Gotham font is also a part of Coca Cola and getting huge recognition and acknowledgment with time.

4 – Television Shows

The famous television shows ‘Conan’ of United States, ‘Maury’ of United States, and ‘Saturday Night Live’ used the Gotham font on their Logos, and all the shows received huge praise, and so does the font. These talk shows toped the rating charts and won multiple awards. They, too, become one of the reasons for Gotham font’s popularity.

5 – Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival founded in 2002 in New York and is one of the prominent and leading film festivals. The screening of various films displayed in this film festival. They used Gotham font for their logo that is indeed a huge recognition.

How Gotham Font Can Change Brand Awareness

Have you ever wondered what and how the font can change brand awareness? If you are a designer, then you must agree with me that font plays a very vital role in the success of your brand or an organization. If still, you are confused, then let me clear your thoughts regarding this manner.

1 – It Attracts Audience

The specific brand you create is all about the Audience. Your brand needs the attention of people for whom you created the brand. If they do not pay attention to it, then it will be a flop. To gain the attention of targeted people, you need to be careful about so many things, and for me, one of the essential elements is the font that you use on the logo.

If the logo is not attractive or if it is failed to catch the attention of people, then it will have a negative effect. You should be careful about the size of the font. If it is too small or too large, then it can irritate the reader, and they will stop considering it. The correct size, the right color, and the correct font are the critical elements of brand awareness and brand success.

2 – A Medium of Communication

No matter what’s the focus of your website or a brand. Either it is related to media or Arts or sports, if you will not use the right typography, the reader will not understand it at first glance. To make it understandable for a reader or Audience to use the right font with the correct size.

When you use the correct font with the right size, then you will be able to convey your message to the Audience better, and that is very important for you. In this case, Gotham font is perfect because it gives a clear image of your brand and is known as the best font when it comes to uniqueness and diversity.

3 – It Conveys Feeling and Mood

A dull and straightforward website or a brand always gives a bad vibe to the reader. If your site is full of entertainment or some exciting stuff, then it attracts the reader or the Audience. If you use the right font, then the attraction will be double. I think there is not a better option than Gotham font that consists of various versions and various sizes. You may choose any of the version according to the requirement. Isn’t it the best advantage?

4 – It Reflects Professionalism

Choosing the right font for your site or brands shows your professionalism, and if you are a graphic designer, then you should be professional towards your work. Gotham font is one of the professional fonts. Choosing it carefully reflects your professionalism. When you select the perfect size, an ideal font that should be Gotham, then it will grab the attention of everyone, and your brand will get the awareness that is the crucial element.

The awareness of brand double your market share, and it increases the popularity of your brand. In this manner, the perfect font plays a very significant role, as I have mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

A graphic designer must be very cautious of all the factors that bring professionalism in work. If you are not careful before choosing the right font, then it may portray a nasty effect on your work. I know there are many best fonts that people can choose, but why not chose the font that is above all of them.

Gotham font is one of the remarkable fonts that has been used in top leading companies, logos, and during marketings. It shows diversity as it comes in multiples sizes and versions. You always have the option to choose among any of them. I hope you will find this article useful and knowledgeable.