A perfect WordPress plugin has a significant impact on the success of your online business. A good plugin can help you grow your WordPress website without spending a lot of funds. Numerous WordPress plugins are available today. Choosing the best plugin is necessary. This article explains top 10 WordPress plugins.

1. Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL)

This is one of the best WordPress plugins that you can use. It is important to note that this plugin is only used when your WordPress website has an SSL certificate installed on it, and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is working efficiently. One perfect importance of SSL Certificates on this plugin is that it protects your WordPress website against forced access to the no-https version. It automatically redirects the user to the https version. This plugin also gives users the option to select the specific pages to which these redirects are applicable.

2. MonsterInsights Lite

This is a free WordPress plugin that offers you a choice to connect your WordPress site with the account of your google analytics. It enables you to establish how the visitors to your website get to know about your website and helps you to monitor the activities of the web visitors while using your WordPress website. You are therefore able to establish the preferences of your site visitors and can put up measures to improve their experience depending on their preferences.

It also has a dashboard report feature that enables the user to see the statistics that are found on the dashboard of the website. The universal tracking feature also ensures that the data is never skewed. This simply means that you will still get precise data counts whenever your web visitors switch from the mobile device to using the desktop version. It also comes with a robust pro characteristic that keeps track of e-commerce, among other uses.

3. Delivery date for WooCommerce

Nowadays many web stores allowing their customers to select the convenient delivery dates for their orders so that customers can be available at the time of delivery and there will be less possibility of returning order due to unavailability.

With our plugin customers can choose the preferred date of delivery at the time of checkout which can be accessible by a customer in mail & Admin at the backend. Admin can easily identify these dates and proceed accordingly. Check out the demo now!

4. SeedProd

This WordPress plugin has earned several5-star ratings and positive reviews. It allows you to privately work on the WordPress site while the web visitors see a ‘’coming soon’’ or “maintenance mode” page. As such, it is the best plugin for as far as offering this service is concerned. It helps provide leads and traffic, especially when you have just launched a website, and you wish it to have traffic as soon as it is life.

It also helps you to accumulate email addresses while still working on your site to spark excitements before the official launch. Another critical feature of SeedProd plugin is that it helps to jumpstart early google rankings as you work on it. As a matter of fact, Google recommends that you should have a coming soon page for every new website. So SeedProd is an essential plugin to have.  This plugin costs from as low as $37 per annum.

5. WP Mail SMTP

Sometimes WordPress might completely fail to send emails. In such a situation, having a WP Mail SMTP can be of great help.  This is the most efficient WordPress transaction email plugin. It is a free email plugin that will help in the configuration of wp_mail () PHP function to make use of an appropriate SMTP provider. In simple terms, this plugin ensures that all the emails sent are delivered to the recipients in their required forms.

This plugin also has a multiple integration feature that allows all SMTP providers to use a single plugin. The premium package for this plugin will have an installation team setting it up for you. This plugin is free and hence highly affordable.

6. OptinMonster

There is no doubt that OptinMonster is the world’s best WordPress lead generation plugin. It is one of the WordPress plugins that you should simply have. The reason being that it comes with a package of benefits that crucial for your WordPress. The first feature is the exit-intent technology that converts the almost exiting users into email subscribers instead. It has a geo-point location feature that creates more traffic by personalizing campaigns depending on the location of the web visitors.

7. RafflePress

This is one of the latest plugins that was released in the summer of 2019. It is a giveaway plugin that is one of the best delivered by RafflePress. Some of the essential features that come with this plugin are that it is secure; it is also easy to use and offers social media integration by connecting to most social media platforms. There is a free version of this plugin and a premium version that costs $49 per annum.

8. MemberPress

This is one of the best WordPress membership plugins that you acquire, especially when you want to create your membership website. It allows you to restrict access to only specific members who have subscribed. It also has most of its operations automated. Some of the features that come along with this website include payment gateways and multiple integrations.

9. Sucuri Plugin

This is the best plugin for as far as issues of industry security are concerned. It is also considered to be one of the best WordPress plugins that exist on the market today. It has security features that protect your WordPress website against malware, among other security features. It also monitors and checks any presence of DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, and other security threats.

10. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is also considered to be one of the best plugins on the market today. It has the capability of making your website look more attractive. It is also easy to use the plugin. It also has customization features, and a user can operate the way he wants it to operate. It is also mobile-friendly and highly responsive.


Security, site speed, SEO are a few points that a website holder cannot overlook. With the right plugins, a website holder can improve site functionality and efficiency. We have described a list of only ten of the best WordPress plugins but there are many more that you can choose from to help you improve your WordPress website.