“How much does a Custom software development cost?” The truth is, no matter how recognized the software development company is, no one can’t offer you an exact price estimated. A custom software development investment depends on several complicated variables. Much like when you buy your car. It depends upon your requirements, wants and above all the budget in hand. If you know where to look you can own custom software for as little as $700. However, don’t assume that every software will cost about $700 because no two custom-built software is the same.

To get a better idea about how much you might have to spend on your custom software, let’s go through the factors that we find to have the greatest impact on custom software development services:

Top Factors That Impact Custom Software Development Cost

Software Size

Without any doubt, this comes first to determine custom software costs. The more pages you want, the more you have to pay for the software development company. Small software generally has 8-20 screens, 20-40 is a medium-range software and anything beyond 40 screens is a heavy application/ software.

What is the screen? Normally you would have to take into consideration anything that the user sees when they open the software, and then every distinct page behind each button click, menu click and link clicks.

For your information, a screen to read customer information and a screen to edit the information is totally two different pages with unique functionality though both of the screen deal with customer information.

Generally speaking, small apps tend to run $700-$1200, medium apps are around $1200-$3000 and large apps are $3000 +.

Software Complexity

How much complicated your idea is? When software developers work on vastly complicated projects the overall time to develop the software increases and so does the price itself. If your custom software is designed to carry heavy loads like analysis, scoring or number-crunching like most CRM and ERP software do, your application might need some extra attention regarding your budget.

Software Features

Read this point very, very carefully because the final price of your custom software will largely depend on the number of features you need. If you really want to reduce your overall software development cost, consider implementing top priority features only.

One great thing about developing your own custom software is, you have a vast room to expand your product as per your need. In the future, if you desire to add some new features you won’t have to worry about for extra room. You can add them on the go.

Our suggestion is to start from a simple and straightforward design and feature to prove your idea to take an essential part in your business growth. Keep a sharp eye on the users, look out for the most used and unused features.

Integration With Other Systems

Integration with an external system or existing software has a great influence on the overall custom software development as well. Sometimes the integration process works flawlessly and sometimes it doesn’t. There is uncertainty when it comes to overall software integration with 3rd party tools. A typical system like PayPal integration, Google map integration is extremely easy to integrate. However, if you want to integrate an older or lesser-known system that might take a lot of time and developer have to jump through many complicated processes to deliver your product.

Designing to Budget

Similar to building your own house, custom software can be designed to match your unique needs and tastes. You may want to convert your basement into the home office rather than using it as a wine seller because maybe your home office is more important than a wine seller.

Similar goes with the custom software. A professional custom software development service provider can take your idea and design your product according to your needs. Once the initial design is completed, you can add or remove certain design elements, features or add new ones to fulfill your requirements. It is important to put a reasonable budget when you start a project.

But what is reasonable? Well, we all know that you can’t build a livable place for $5,000. Similarly, you can’t build much software for $300.


When do you want the software to be ready? If you are in a hurry, you can expect a higher price since the software development companies have to provide a lot of resources redirected to your project. Thus, it is better to plan your software development project in advance to keep the expenses within budget. You have to also set the time frame to a realistic number, custom software development isn’t a child’s play, it takes time. If you want to change the deadline, make sure you are ready to increase your budget as well.


Before you begin the entire development process, you must clear your idea and construct a real milestone. Make a doc and share that with your preferred software development company so they can recognize your idea clearly.