In order to be heard the right way and capture the accurate target audience, you need to market your content the right way. In order to aid you through the process, push notifications play an extremely helpful role to bag the deal the right way.

Push Notifications are messages that display on the user’s desktop or on the notifications bar on the mobile devices. These plugins can be efficiently used to attract the audience and also to increase their return on the site. With the help of these notifications, you can also get an increase in the CTR and engagement of the site.

Read ahead to know more about these push notifications and how they can be added to the WordPress site.

WordPress Push Notifications Plugin

To begin the process, you need to install the One Signal WordPress Push Notifications plugin first.

Next, initiate the plugin after installation, and open the plugin’s settings page by clicking the icon on the WordPress admin bar.

Next, add the API key there along with the application IDs. Follow the following steps ahead to configure One Signal settings.

1: Setting up Push Notifications for Browsers – Chrome and Firefox

  • Visit the OneSignal site and create an account.
  • Click on Add a New App and enter App Name after logging into your account.

Add New App

  • Add the name of your app and click on the Create
  • Choose Website Push in the option to select a platform to configure, and click

Edit App Testing Web Push

  • In the browser platform box, click on Web Push then click Next.
  • Choose a WordPress plugin or Website Builder on the next screen – then select WordPress.

Choose Integration

  • Fill in the necessary details below – the site name and site URL.
  • Next to My Site Is Not Fully HTTPS option, check that box if the site is not supporting SSL/HTTPS. This step is not mandatory.

WordPress Site Setup

  • Click Save and choose Yes, when the incomplete setup dialogue box appears.

The App ID and the API Key would be provided after this step that will be used in setting up the OneSignal WordPress plugin.

Configure WordPress Plugin

2: OneSignal—Keys

  • Go to App Settings.
  • Click on the Keys & IDs tab.
  • On the configuration tab, paste the OneSignal App ID and Rest API Key.

3: Safari Web Push Notifications Setting

  • Log in to your OneSignal account and go to the App Settings
  • In the web platforms, click on Configure, located next to Apple Safari.
  • In the next dialog box, enter the site name and URL.
  • Check the box ‘I’d like to upload my own notification icons’
  • Next, upload all your icons by clicking, Choose File
  • Click Save and close dialog box.
  • Refresh and scrolling below to the Web Platforms Web ID will appear under Apple Safari.
  • Paste the Web ID to the Configuration tab of the plugin.

You have now successfully configured push notifications to your WordPress site.

4: Test The Push Notifications

A subscription icon will be added to your WordPress Website by the plugin.

  • Click on the subscribe button and a Thank You for Subscribing message will appear.
  • Login to your OneSignal account, and click on the name of your app in the App Settings
  • Scroll down select Configure next to the Firefox and Google Chrome options.
  • Next, click Save and Continue.
  • After selecting the target SDK. Choose WordPress.
  • Click Next and Test Settings section will be opened.
  • Click on ‘Send Test Notification’.
  • You will receive a web push notification from OneSignal next.
  • Click on the notification and a confirmation message will appear about the successful OneSignal web push notifications set up.
  • Click on the Check Notification Status button after returning to the OneSignal webpage configure screen. This will generate another message informing you about the successfully added web push notifications to your WordPress site.


WordPress push notifications are one of the most applicable ways to stay connected with your website audience. This effective way of marketing lets you reach your target audience goals more viably. Whether you are a newbie or own a well-established online business, push notifications will prove out to be productive for all.