Colors not just impact how one perceives the world around them but also how emotions and reactions are formed. An object’s color is the first attribute noticed by an individual, whether it’s a wall, some room, some product, advertisement or a website. Color meanings help attract, connect and build trust with an ideal customer. Color Psychology forms the basis of any brand’s value. Studies suggest that colors affect human behavior more than the words or language used.

In fact, the design elements and other non-verbal content of any web designer portfolio influence the visitors more than the written content and its presentation.  Even the clearly expressed web content can fail if the color selection is not consistent with the theme. Though the color selection is dependent on the designers’ choice and corporate logo the website design and colors affect not just the conscious but reach the subconscious level as a strong message just as the written content.

Each color and its variants have a different meaning and can change the perception. Let’s look at a few CSS design examples of how websites use color psychology to establish and reinforce the desired user experience.

Learn Power of Color Psychology in Web Design


The white color denotes purity, fairness, equality and organized pattern. Saniswiss is a Swit­zer­land based company that develops safe hygiene solutions for healthcare professionals. Its website is designed in white color to depict the new disruptive and clean technologies.

Sani Swiss


The color red is an intense and powerful color associated with demand and aggression. Red is also known as a “call to action” color.  Nestle KitKat’s website is all red just as the product’s branding.

Nestle KitKat


This signifies happiness and uplifts the user experience. Kodak a technology company focused on imaging has been building new growth businesses based on technology and the value of the Kodak brand.



Color full of compassion and encouragement, it calms and soothes the viewers. Motionoto allows you to create an old-fashioned animated GIF in seconds and post it to any email. Now share the photos with the world in a whole new-old way!



The easiest and coolest color on the eye with a relaxing effect. In fact, in the entertainment industry, the waiting rooms are green rooms to calm and relax the artists before their appearance. Carbon8 is a farmer-led initiative on regenerative agriculture to support farmers to increase the carbon in their soil. It will help reduce the impact of droughts, floods, and desertification.

Carbon eight


This has been associated with authority and power. The black color denotes feelings of intimidation and control. It is also used to represent sophistication and smoothness to its viewers. The design agency Studio Valido uses black color to depict their strength and power to combine design with modern technology and tell stories that transform and grow partners’ brands.

Studio Valido

Similarly, other colors and their variants invoke different emotions which in turn enhances the website visitors’ experience. The other design elements to be considered which designing a website are

Gender Differences

Men & Women have different approaches towards the colors, while women tend to prefer soft shades men go for bright colors. The brands need to consider the target audience while choosing the website design color scheme, else the audience will outrightly reject the product.

Industrial Painter

Industrial Painter is an organization dealing in the business of paints that chooses blue as the website’s dominant color. Moreover, the blue shade chokes the visitors’ eyes.

Cultural Association

It is not just the gender or basic color emotions but how does a society associate the meaning to color also impacts the designs. In a few cultures, white color is auspicious while in others it denotes mourning and sorrow. In Asian countries, Red is termed as the color of prosperity and happiness and is the primary color for marriages; brides adorn red bridal gowns.

The color psychology has helped designers develop websites which not just increase the footfalls but also boost the business. An important aspect is to make sure that the colors speak the same words and language and written content. The web designer should use the colors which reinforce the message which the content is saying.

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