With the world going the digital way, digital marketing has become an indispensable aspect of the business world. Every brand wants to learn basics of SEO Writing and excel in it for two basic reasons – to rank high over competitors & higher sales with maximum reach.

This brings up the thought of how will you achieve expertise in SEO and the answer is not just by superb marketing.


Gone are the days where marketing was the only trick in the digital world. Today the customer or audience has evolved. They just don’t act, they learn and then act. And aptly put by various surveys, in 2017, customers are informed. If not informed, they are constantly trying to be one and for that, they try seeking as much information as they can.

This calls for content and it being search engine optimized. Hence, the demand for SEO writers has increased massively. Want to give it a try?

What is SEO Writing?

So coming till here, you know SEO writing stands for Search Engine Optimization writing. This form of writing is focused on seeking the attention of search engines by using targeted keywords or phrases. To enlighten all your queries and questions related to SEO writing, first work on your basics.

Learn Basics of SEO Writing

The Keyword/Phrase Search

First, to start with, looking out for the right keyword or key phrase is the base of good SEO writing. To help with this, there are multiple tools like Google’s Keyword Tool, this can help you search for a phrase or word with its actual value as a keyword or key phrase.

Here one needs to notice the combinations that the inserted word or phrase pops up with in the tool.

  1. How much competition is for that phrase?
  2. How many searches are made for that phrase in a month?

This will help you feed the right keyword or phrase into your writing. This also adds to some of the suggestions that come along with the inserted word or phrase. One can use these suggestions by tagging them or using them as an extension to the word or phrase. After selecting the right set of keywords or phrases to use as an SEO writer, it’s time to use them for effective writing practice for the web.

Now the next important thing that comes up after this is inserting these keywords into key areas, like:

  • Titles and headlines
  • Subtitles
  • Meta titles (if you have access to the page’s metadata)
  • Links to other pages that are relevant to the phrase
  • Within the actual text (“content”) itself.

Frequency of Keywords

With the right set of keywords comes the right usage of them. You need to be cautious when it comes to how much of them are to be inserted. Excessive use of keywords can spoil your effective writing attempt.

‘Keyword Stuffing’ is a delicate process of inserting the right amount of keywords in your writing. Excessive keyword stuffing can do more bad than good. Too many keywords in your writing can force the search engines to SPAM your SEO writing.

‘Be real’ is the expert trick to excel in SEO writing. Though there is a constant debate on the exact percentage of keywords in a write-up, a tentative ratio is somewhere to 3% to 7 % of the content. With various programs and tools available online, you can make most of them analyze your apt number of keywords.

If you will be doing SEO writing for clients, then you are in safe hands, as they usually offer a percentage and also have an SEO expert for guidance, but if you wish to do SEO writing for yourself, then making the use of online tools or taking industry expert’s advice is a wise decision.

SEO Writing – Write for Humans

Always remember, that it may be a search engine ranking fight when it comes to SEO writing, but a good and performing SEO writing will always aim to be useful for humans and not search for machines.

This means having a writer’s bent of mind with creativity, is a must. Adding value, information and logical linking & reasoning is a must for a good SEO copy.

SEO Writing – How It Matters?

As an SEO or content writer, it is important to also know about the other side of SEO writing. You can write the best copy that Google has ever laid her little paws on, but you may not get a lot of search traffic anyway. Why? Search engine results are also quite tied up in how others interact with your website and refer to your website.

The SEO content displayed on the site should not lack ‘authority’. An expert view of the statement is taken up on priority by Google or other search engines. A new site might be a reason why ‘authority’ might be missing, but constant practice can deliver wonderful results, surely.

Note – Too many keywords or missing human touch can kill the search engine ranking.

Another important aspect is – interaction. What is SEO writing – Answer lies in interaction or referrals as well. Reference from another link or site adds authority and credibility and makes the reader go ahead and indulge in it.

Next Step in Becoming an SEO Writers and Experts

So, you’ve learned the basics of what is SEO writing and what it takes to become an SEO writer.

From here your aim is to take a dive into SEO and learn as much as possible. Remember, as much as to learn about SEO and its tricks the better you will be. With brilliant sites available to explore on the web have a pool of SEO guides, SEO tips, SEO writing tips and SEO techniques to learn from.

Write as much as you can to polish your SEO skills. With free platforms available online, writing like an expert can never be simpler. There are online SEO courses as well to check out.

If not any out of them, try exploring the experts say on industry leader’s blogs or websites.

Best of luck!