Grow Your Online Business (Without Losing Your Shirt)

Face it.

The cost of paid advertising has only been increasing in the last few years.

To make things worse?

It’s going to keep rising (and probably at a faster pace).

  • So how can new marketers build their online business?
  • Or how can some of the current online businesses not get washed away?

Be sure to keep on reading to find out.

Growing An Online Business

I personally started online when I was on unemployment…

So starting from almost nothing is something I know a lot about.

The good news is that doesn’t have to be you.

You can still make it work.

Here are a few tips when it comes to growing your online business without losing your shirt.

Start Organically

Paid advertising prices have become pretty much unbearable, so what?

This opens up so many platforms for still getting your message out there.

Examples include:

  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook (your profile and groups).
  • And almost any other social media platform you can name.

Don’t forget about websites and blogging too for great SEO traffic!

The fact of the matter is this.

All of those platforms mentioned above?

You can make a full-time income just from one of them.

I know this because I’ve seen many people do it plus I utilize many myself.

  • No paid ads needed.
  • And no need to take massive risks.

As it’s been stated before.

If you don’t have a lot of money, then you better expect to put in a lot of action.

There’s no way around it 😛

Next up.

Research Properly

You see when you first start growing your online business, you need to make sure it’s going to work first.

That’s why a lot of people fail with paid advertising:

  • They have a concept that isn’t proven.
  • And then they wonder why they can’t make paid advertising work.

The beauty of free traffic is that time is the only thing that can be wasted…

And it usually doesn’t take too long to see if your:

  • Idea
  • Offer
  • Product
  • Or your service is valuable.

That’s why research is so important.

It’s a huge step that can the difference between success or failure.

You can even go into targeted groups (as I mentioned above) to do research for what you’re offering.

  • It saves time.
  • It can be quicker.
  • And it definitely saves money.

Let’s look at another helpful tip.

Invest When The Time Is Right

When it comes to growing an online business, there are thousands of tools that can help you out.

  • So which tools are going to be the best fit for you?
  • And more importantly, when should you start using them?

These are questions that you’re going to need to answer for yourself.

But at the same time?

Here are a few examples of tools that are very important when it comes to online business growth.

  • Hosting
  • Websites
  • Click trackers.
  • Autoresponders
  • Sales funnels builders.
  • Landing page builders.

In the beginning, I recommend that almost everyone gets a website and hosting.

Considering the fact that a website is about $10 a year and hosting can be a few dollars a month?

It’s not exactly going to break the bank.

This will allow you to be as lean as possible when you first begin, instead of spending a ton of money on day one and deeply being in the red (so to speak).

After you start making some money (even if it’s only a few hundred dollars a month), you can look to start investing a little more in tools.

This is where two types of tools would come in handy:

  • An autoresponder(that is nicely priced).
  • And a sales funnel builder (that isn’t too expensive).

While these usually come with a recurring fee, the idea is that they are going to help you grow your online business even more thanks to the features that they usually come with.

When I first started building and growing my online business?

My sales really increased thanks to features like:

  • One-click upsells and downsells.
  • Followups (from an autoresponder).
  • Secure checkout pages with order bumps.
  • Being able to accept both PayPal and credit card.
  • And you can’t forget about the ability to utilize webinars.

I understand that it can be hard trying to learn new tools (especially if you’re a technophobe).

Just keep in mind that most of the tools worth using come with some type of free trial (example software here).

So make sure you give them a try before actually investing money in them.

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it right?

The same thing goes for software tools.


One more tip when it comes to growing your online business without losing your shirt.

Reach Out

It’s unfortunate that so many people are afraid to reach out to others for help nowadays.

And I get it.

I used to be the same way too.

  • We don’t like it when we don’t know what to do…
  • And there’s plenty of people who can take advantage of that nowadays.


There are even more people who can help you out and really grow your online business.

So how can you do this?

Well, yet again, another great way to do this is Facebook groups.

I’ve seen more people than I can even count grow quickly simply because they got help from someone else.

It could be from:

  • Creating a product together.
  • Doing a joint venture partnership.
  • Sending subscribers to a webinar for an offer.
  • Or simply connecting an expert to someone who needs help.

This is something I did when I first started.

I had an offer that I thought would be high-converting so I looked for affiliates to promote.

But not only that?

I gave affiliates 100% commissions all throughout the funnel.

While I made no money from it, the number of customers I got from it was massive.

Think about how you can connect with others in order to grow your online business.

The best part about it too?

It is that it usually doesn’t cost any money.

So let’s wrap up what we talked about today.


If you truly want to build and grow your online business?

You will find a way.

What I’ve outlined in this post has helped me and many others go from zero to hero…

And I’m confident that it can help you too.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Research properly.
  • Invest when the time is right.
  • And last but not least, don’t be afraid to reach out.

Thanks again for reading my post, and I truly hope that you got at least 1 valuable tip from it.