Christmas bells are ringing and furnishing clients with the festive conversion-friendly website is the demand for the holiday season.

Time is money and you need to act fast on the changes that you can embed into the website to increase the conversion rate this Christmas.

But how do you achieve a higher conversion rate?

The high conversion rate is only achievable if the website is optimized correctly.

The website design plays a crucial role in boosting sales for a business. As an E-commerce website designer, your plan must be focused on drawing conversion for your clientele.

External factors like the latest design trends, themes, features are less important because they are subjective. However, generating more sales due to robust conversion design is an objective approach. Such an idea help in enhancing its reputation. Naturally, it leads to your referrals among clients.

The focal point for an E-commerce website design company should be getting the desired conversion for their business. Conversion is a vital metric for any business as owners assess the success rate through higher sales.

According to the recent statistics:

  • E-commerce users in the USA who has used mobile internet is itself 82%.
  • It is projected that mobile E-commerce is going to touch $420 billion by 2021. Interestingly, 60% of search queries come from smartphones.

What is better than to encourage customers to buy products and services during the festive season?

Learn eCommerce Website Design Tips to Boost Conversion

Festive Theme

Bring the E-commerce website to life with Christmas themes. It occupies the users and let them explore the various webpages as well. It is fun, exciting and drives more traffic.

As a designer, start with changing the home page with the Christmas theme.

A landing page builds around the x-mas theme is always a cherry on the cake as the products are listed around the offers and festive content. This adds-up to the sale proposition.

Plus a good marketing strategy to anticipate people for a big sale ahead adds more credibility. It can be achieved through the content campaign strategy.

Small additions like x-mas trivia, a quiz with rewards are surely a game-winning strategy. Implement anything that comes under the sun.

User-Friendly Content

Fancy styles, themes or marketing strategy are secondary things as the content should be understandable and engaging. A lucid content can only take you across the finish line.

Make sure CMS is dynamic and the content can be changed easily according to the need of the hour and various marketing strategies.

Credible content adds value to the products on website pages. Product description should be unique and engrossing along with encompassing all the technical features.

Fresh content help in the recognition of your product and services during Christma season.

Broad Engagement with Mobile Customers

In the contemporary world, mobile users have surpassed the desktop user due to anywhere, anytime accessibility. So, companies need to strategize the plan accordingly.

As a website developer, it is essential to build a mobile-friendly website that engages customers via mobile. This is a fundamental way to engage more customers and boost sales.

Every detail on an E-commerce website is crucial, and it should be planned accordingly. Minute yet important information like product and service images, description to contact forms play a vital role in the user’s decision-making process.

This is why, on every designing step, an Ecommerece website user is kept as a priority. User experience plays a significant role in the conversion rate of a user into a customer and a customer into a regular customer.

Customers should experience an effortless navigating towards any product. It can be done using a website wireframe as a sales tool. Optimizing the number of clicks and redefining the user navigation interface assists in finding products quickly.

Festival Means Free Delivery

Free delivery helps in the maximum engagement of customers. It entitles users to make impulse purchases. You can decide an average value over which a user gets free delivery.

During the festive season, buyers expect free shipping. It is a free incentive that can surely boost the conversion rate phenomenally.

Provision For Thank You Gifts

It is a fail-proof technique to pamper your loyal and frequent customers. A simple “Thank You” gift with a cashback offer, redeemable points or a discount, is going to boost sales and conversion of an E-commerce website.

It is natural for a customer not to miss such an opportunity and make the most of the reward earned.

There are chances of making a higher purchase in a hunt for more rewards points. Thus, making a gift card as a way to engage potential customers for a longer period.

Christmas season is a perfect time to unleash such ideas.

Final Thoughts

The festive season means people going for a binge shopping spree. It is the onus of a web designer to craft such a website that encourages customers to engage on the E-commerce website and increase the conversion rate during sales.

The above tricks have a winning strategy for an E-commerce website as mobile in hand with internet access will always going to get an edge over conventional shoppers, and they can feasibly order their favorites from the comfort of their home.

Give a chance to your beloved customers to spend quality time with family during the holiday season by crafting a website that is user and business-friendly.