The Mobile App development industry is one of the growing sectors of the future. Nowadays, four out of five people have smartphones with them. Basically, our lives revolve around mobile apps right now.

With the help of the latest technologies and inventions, something new is being created every day. Mobile App Development Companies are earning billions and billions. The revenue of these companies is rising higher, and they won’t even see a loss in the future.

App Development is growing and changing at a fast pace. We have an app from ordering food to taking a cab or even staying connected with your friends for everything. As we are entering the new generation, mobile app development is also getting updated. By the introduction of AI and ML, IoT, Blockchain, 5G network, new apps are getting developed and are becoming much more efficient.

Android App Development in smartphones with the Android operating system is the easiest. Android app development has made simple and affordable apps for their customers. Android apps are more elementary and suitable for many technologies. Android app development is a part of growing app development.

Mobile App Development is trending and has got many new trends like:

The era of Vr and Ar

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is the future of technology. Ar won’t get limited to only gaming now. It will get used in future apps for better working and prediction analysis. Virtual Reality gives you the experience of a lifetime with just a touch of technology.

Last year AR got just started, and within a year, it is now at high demand. For example, Now, many apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have Ar inbuilt filters and effects. These make human faces turn into funny characters or add funny quotes or facts about them.

Internet Of Things

Connecting different devices or physical objects with sensors or electronic equipment. And then embedding them with Softwares to work is the Internet of Things Technology.

This new technology will make people think more about how to use different devices. IoT app development has created a unique place in the market. From smart locks to smart air conditioners, we have come a long way. With the help of IoT app development, you can now operate many devices using just simple apps on your phone.

IoT is a game-changer for mobile app development.

AI and Machine Learning

Many mobile app development companies are looking forward to introducing AI and Machine Learning in the apps.

In Android or IOS devices, AI is playing an important role. From Siri to Google assistant or different chatbots, all get built on AI and Machine Learning technology. To predict the future is something surprisingly amazing. The power of AI and Machine Learning is just unlimited. Mobile app development services have started putting AI in use to create better versions of apps. The combination of machine learning and AI is the future of app development.

Cloud Computing

Cloud was the ultimate luxury option provided by app development companies. But now everyone is well aware of the benefits and uses of the Cloud. In 2020 the Cloud is going to be a high demand. Many security problems can solve using the Cloud.

The power of free space is the key. Cloud technologies like Dropbox, SlideRocket, and many more can help develop powerful apps that run directly on the Cloud. That means your device won’t require extra space to keep up with the apps. Everything will be safe and secure in the cloud system.


For the IT industry blockchain has opened up many opportunities.

The growth of blockchain technology is high in comparison to other upcoming technologies. Apps developed using blockchain are highly secured and made very stable and reliable. With the help of blockchain, it is possible to create decentralized mobile applications. Blockchain is an example of simplicity and is mostly used for peer to peer transactions. Very soon, blockchain will be necessary for the mobile app development industry in many ways.

Big Data

Big Data is basically used for large data gathering, organizing, or tracking. In the future, Big Data will really help to build better apps for the customers. This technology will help you to keep track of customer behavior and its demands and necessaries. It helps discover types of information like market trends, customer demand, consumer preferences.

Staying up to date with your customers is the key to develop a better app. Top mobile app development companies should look out for these new technologies to create better apps.

Technology is evolving every day. Now there are many new methods and innovations to use in app development.

Beacon Technology

This is the latest location-based technology that uses the Bluetooth option of the smartphone to navigate directions or identify nearby places like stores, hotels, malls. The beacons from different locations send signals to the user’s phone to open and check the app.

By the use of beacon technology, now customers can get services at their fingertips. From buying products from the store to ordering room service within the hotel, everything is now just an app away. The app development industry should use beacon technology more to get better and quicker assistance for users.

5G Technology

5G technology is the latest cellular communication technology like never before. In the world of growing technology and apps, communication is also needed to be faster. And that’s why 5G, it will help to improve network capacity, efficiency, latency and density of the connection.

The world is growing fast and fast every day, so the apps have to be more accurate and faster to catch up. Developers are using 5G to produce better feature apps that are responsive and fast and have better connections. With the help of 5G technology, even apps that are using augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, and AI and IoT will get better at work and create more innovative apps.

Top mobile app development companies like Konstant Infosolutions, Hedgehog Lab, Techahead are developing new apps every day. They’re finding new technologies to create better experience apps for the customer. Customer satisfaction is the end result. Mobile app development is mainly based on how new technologies can bring a variety of innovation at the doorsteps.

People are getting smarter, so are Apps. The mobile app development industry is now at its peak like never before. There was a time when mobiles and smart devices were for the privileged ones, but now everyone has more than two smart devices in their hand. The more app development services use the latest technology, the better the result will be.