The whole world is evolving with technological advancement. Most people have opted for new ways for getting things done faster and easier. One of such evolving areas is app development technology. Gone were the days when people had to wait for a long time to get their work done. But now they can get everything done with a few taps on their smartphone.

It’s estimated that an annual number of app downloads will reach around 299 billion in 2023. The number is higher compared to 2020 as there were around 247 billion global app downloads. One of the most downloaded categories was gaming as of August 2020, it marks around 50% of app downloads. Social media app download was around 9.45% during the forecasted period.

annual number of app downloads

Today users have a variety of digital options to choose from for serving the purposes. But if you want to stay ahead of others in a competitive market then it becomes crucial for you to ensure that your branded solution outperforms compared to other mobile apps. This is the primary reason why you need to choose the best mobile app development frameworks and tools. Let’s explore in-depth to find the best framework for your business solution.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Mobile App Development Framework?

Global customer spending has reached around $133 Billion in 2021, the number is almost 20% higher compared to 2020, according to Sensor Tower survey. After the adoption of both game and non-game apps in 2020. However the market trends normalize in 2021 as customer spending on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps have increased steadily. It’s predicted to grow at 19% YOY.

Looking at the growing mobile app usage, many businesses are choosing to develop mobile apps for their business. When it comes to development, you might be overwhelmed by lots of framework options to choose from. Have you ever thought about how you pick the best one? Which option is perfect to choose for the long term? Is there any cost associated with a framework you choose? and more. No, then we are here to help you.

One-size-does does not fit all, the right framework and tools choice depends on numerous factors that you need to consider. If you want to make a smart choice, perform a market analysis and go through the factors that affect the overall development. Look at the top factors that help you end up with a well-design, reliable, and cost-effective solution. But before that have a look at different types of apps that you can choose to develop…

Native Apps

If you are looking to develop an app for a particular mobile device then developing a native app is the best option to choose. Such apps help you provide a better user experience, helping you improve your loyal customer base.

Hybrid Apps

Apps that are developed to function on different devices are called hybrid apps. This type of hybrid app helps you reach more customers and can have icons or can be downloaded from respective app stores.

Web Apps

It can be considered as a responsive version of websites that can work efficiently on every smart device.

Choosing the perfect mobile app development framework is not an easy task. There are numerous parameters that you need to consider like selecting your targeted audience, and much more. There are numerous factors that you can consider when you are trying to identify which framework is best for your mobile app development.

Target Audience

Android gets the chance to select from 3.48 million apps while the Apple app store provides users with nearly 2.22 million apps. The number of apps is predicted to increase in the leading app stores, this is a crucial aspect that helps you identify which framework is best to choose. You can choose the one that helps you reach the majority of customers.

Find Whether It’s Open Source

Find the framework that offers formal support. Make sure that there are numerous people to help you maintain the code. It decreases the chance of becoming stagnant as more and more people are using it. Consider contributors’ velocity and ensure that the framework doesn’t have recent issues, also eliminate the danger of stagnant.

Resource Availability

One of the most important criteria that you need to consider is the ease of finding answers to your queries and getting support. Don’t hesitate in taking support from the app development company, developers, or any other professional. Investing in mobile app development services can help you with the maintenance and up-gradation process. Additionally, make sure developers or any other professional you choose are familiar with the framework or tools you choose.

Stability and Security

The stability and security of the development framework are a big consideration especially when it comes to framework selection. It’s typically measured by a few of the metrics, this includes queries about how development companies are using it? how bugs are fixed? and how the framework has been used?

All check how many developers choose the particular framework usage. However, the growing data breach, due to a combo of software security and network makes it mandatory for you to choose the framework that helps you provide a safe environment to app users.


Select the framework that provides you with easy-to-understand documentation. Well-written documentation enables professionals to know how to use the framework speedily.


The speed and performance of the app matter the most. Hence choose a framework that helps the app to perform speedily and efficiently on every device.

Team Experience and Skills

If the team you hire is unaware of the use of framework or tools usage, then it’s useless how many features the framework consists of. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to know about the skills and experience of your development team. No matter which framework you choose, it’s crucial that your development team is aware of its usage.


Most mobile app development frameworks are open-source, thus community size matters the most. The more popular the framework is, the more inputs and reviews it gets from the developers. Hence, the framework is transformed and updated with technological advancement and customers demands.

Know Goods and Bads

Don’t just get satisfied by reading the comments, try it by yourself as it’s the critical point to achieve success. Know all pros and cons of the frameworks that you are going to use for your app development. Take the support of the internet and go for a demo and know how to use the same to identify whether you will be comfortable with the specific tool or framework.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a mobile app development framework is aligned with the ability, skills, and experience of the development team you choose. It helps you achieve your business goals by enabling you to provide an effective and useful solution to your ideal customers.

You can consider all the above-listed factors to choose the best mobile app development framework. Besides, have a look at the features the framework offers before choosing any of the specific ones.