The year 2021 has gotten off on a rough start for some of us. The COVID-19 pandemic, which began to sweep across the globe in January 2020, is making a second trip. Governments worldwide are taking necessary actions to curtail the second wave of the virus spread. While the pandemic has forced many into online entrepreneurship, small-business owners are mainly affected.

A 2020 study of how small businesses have been affected by the pandemic shows that many workers were laid off just a few weeks into lockdown. Many businesses were only financially viable enough to last one or two months. As the pandemic rages on, small businesses need to constantly devise new ways to stay afloat despite the challenges.

This article will examine phoneography as one of the most significant ways small businesses can achieve more with less, especially in maintaining their online presence.

What Is Phoneography?

Phoneography is a fusion of two terms: phone and photography. It is the use of a mobile phone for photographic purposes. This trend has garnered momentum over the years with the constant improvement in smartphone technology. Most mobile phones today come equipped with advanced features similar to those of modern digital cameras.

Why Phoneography?

There are various advantages to capturing your product images with a cell phone, but the biggest one is the lower price. We are trying to save costs after all. Relying on professional photographers who use state-of-the-art equipment for your photography needs can dig a hole in your pocket. As a small business owner, you’d rather spend the budget on other pressing needs.

You might think that your iPhone or Android device might not give you the elegant result you need. But it can if you use the right tools. Skill is also a factor, coupled with your working environment. Here’s where creating a home studio can be beneficial.

So Why Do You Need a Home Studio?

You might be wondering if you really need a studio when you already have your phone. The answer is yes, you do. Taking casual photographs with your phone isn’t all there is to the process, especially when the said photos are for business purposes.

A lot of the creative input that goes into making the final image comes after the picture is taken. Creating your studio will ensure that all you need for maximum output in your photography efforts is within easy reach. At this point, the thought of designing a home studio might seem daunting. But don’t be discouraged.

Minimalist Studio Setup

So how can you create a photo studio for your business needs without breaking the bank?

First, identify a space for this purpose within your apartment or your office. If you can dedicate a whole room to this, that will be great. If not, a portion of a room will work just as well. You only need space big enough to contain a table and a chair. The table can be used to hold your products for shooting and also place your laptop for editing the shots you have taken.

And the chair? You may need to sit while working on your photos. You could also get creative and find other uses for it. Depending on the type of product you intend on shooting, you need different types of backgrounds. A clean plain wall can also suffice.

You can shoot near a window to access direct sunlight. If you don’t have that option, you need an artificial source of light. If you’re totally clueless on where to place what item, you can quickly search online for design inspirations.

Now it’s time to unleash the creative genius within you. In an article, Kendra Grimes stated that the output quality of a photograph is not really about the equipment used to take the shot but about the photographer’s skill.

You already have the most important item, which is your smartphone. In this day and age, almost everybody has one. Most modern smartphones come with cameras equipped enough to do the job, so you don’t need the latest model on the market.

Because the final images are for your business or brand, you need e-commerce product photo editing software. This will help add a professional touch to your photos, increase resolution, and make them ready for online use.

Every online entrepreneur should explore phoneography at least once in a while. Given the importance of images to online businesses and the rising costs of getting photography services, it would be foolhardy not to consider this as an option. Who knows, that might just be what saves your business from going under in a world that gets increasingly hostile to businesses.