When users were asked why they had doubts about the credibility of a brand or a website, 94% of them said it has something to do with the website’s design.

Internet marketing has allowed companies big and small alike to reach out to a wider and more diverse audience. And At the forefront of this marketing strategy is your website, which often a customer’s first exposure to your brand.

Any business that wants to compete and thrive in the modern marketplace needs a website – one that combines speed, creativity, and proper web design practices to ensure optimum performance.

Yes, good web design is essential to your business’ success. These reasons make you understand why.

It creates a positive first impression.

Consumers often judge a brand by what they see on the website. And in most cases, you only have a few seconds to make a positive impression on new visitors.

The majority of first impressions are design-related. If your website looks crowded and unappealing, users may leave almost immediately.

First impressions are critical because they can either persuade the audience to stay and explore the website or leave it for a competitor. Pleasing web design helps attract customers and keeps them on your page.

It sets the brand image and identity.

Your website is a reflection of your brand and what it stands for. Every element on your website – from the logo down to the font – forms your brand identity and sets you apart from the competition.

Good website design involves carefully selecting elements (colors, fonts, images) and keeps them inconsistency with your branding. This allows your target market to recognize your business across different mediums, and associate certain elements with your company.

If your company has a logo or if you use specific colors to represent your brand, then they must be integrated into the website design for identity and consistency. All other aspects of the website should also complement them.

It builds credibility.

These days, consumers do a quick online research about a product, brand, or company first before making a purchase. Not having a website will make you look less credible, but a poorly designed one can be just as damaging.

A well-designed website will allow people to see and understand what your brand is all about. When you let consumers get to know your brand a little better, you start to earn their trust, which could be the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

Moreover, your website will also help you establish authority in your respective industry. Good web design combined with quality content will show consumers that you know your trade, thus, strengthening your reputation even more.

It improves user experience.

Every visitor of your website, whether they access it on a desktop or a mobile device, deserves a high quality and consistently positive experience. Any glitches or inconveniences in design or navigation can deter users from making a purchase or visiting your site again.

Web design has a huge impact on user experience, as it affects all other critical website factors such as responsiveness and site speed. Using large images on your web pages, for example, can slow down page load time. Also, if your web design is not optimized for mobile, then you might lose engagement with users who are viewing your website from their smartphones.

The point of having a website is to satisfy users and make things easier for them to encourage conversions. Good web design will help you achieve all these.

It boosts your SEO strategy.

Web design isn’t just about visual elements and aesthetics. How you plan the design and put it all together also affects the back end, specifically search engine optimization.

The web design elements and practices you use for publishing content affect how search engines index and rank your website. If the codes and fundamentals of your website aren’t SEO friendly, you’ll be struggling for visibility from the get-go.

No matter how good a website looks on the front end, if the coding is messed up and it takes forever to load, then it can really hurt your SEO marketing strategy and, consequently, your bottom line.

A reputable web design agency can help you build a website that performs as good as it looks!

It helps improve engagements and conversion rates.

Exceptional layout and well-curated page elements work together to make your website more appealing to users. Web pages need to feed people’s eyes because this is where engagement begins. If things look flat and bland visitors can easily lose interest and leave.

However, to successfully convert visitors into customers, appearance alone won’t cut it. Your web design has to be both aesthetically and psychologically compelling. It should not only look good but also draw people in. And this is where great content comes to play.

Excellent web design allows you to communicate with the consumers and get a result-oriented response. It will help you convey your brand’s message and give you a good chance to be noticed in the cut-throat world of e-commerce and online marketing.