Quality content creation is very time consuming and if people aren’t interested in reading that content it will be a total disaster for the content creator. We invest a lot of time, hard work and resources in creating good quality content but there is a lot of work to be done after content creation.

No matter if you offer products, services or blogs to your audience, high-quality content makes it for you easy to keep the visitors stay connected. There are millions of blogs published every day and every blogger makes great effort to stand out from the crowd.

Top content marketing strategies can help you in getting a better response from the audience. Whether you have created a killer content, if it’s unable to help you generating revenue, it is useless. The world of content marketing is constantly changing and evolving thus you need to go with the best strategies to achieve your goals.

Best Content Marketing Tips

Recycle, Update and Republish Old Content


Updating previously published contents doesn’t mean to change date only; it means to add more value to it. Just putting new links and changing date is one of the worst content up-gradation practices and you must also avoid doing the same.

The methods, strategies and algorithms changes with time and thus you must also update your content according to it. Republishing old contents can also improve your Blog’s SEO and can also bring more traffic.

Few things to do for updating old content:

  • Update all the outdated information
  • Add more words
  • Add more media
  • Remove the broken links
  • Renovate the intro and make it easy to digest and quickly readable

Create Quality Content

Content is immortal, it was king, it is king and it will be king in the future too. When your audience starts loving the way you create content they likely start waiting for your next blog and also ask others to read.

Each and every brand no matter big or small spends a lot of time in creating high-quality content. Content does not only stand for thousands of word articles, nowadays the form of content has changed a lot and you should go with the flow.

Few methods to apply in creating quality content featured below:

  • Be original
  • Create strong headlines
  • Be helpful, provide solutions and answers
  • Do better research about the topic before hitting the keyboard
  • Write easy to digest, pointed and short contents
  • Answer comments and engage more with the visitors

Be Helpful to your Readers

The audience and the readers are the reason for the existence of your blog. Many of the readers may come with some doubts and questions and it’s your prior responsibility to help them.

You may consider their suggestions to write a blog on a particular topic or make sure to create content in such a manner that readers can take inspiration and solve their problems. For being more helpful to your audience you need to understand your audience.

Never Copy Blogs

Never, ever copy blog content. Copying blog content can harm your website in multiple ways. A spinning article may be less time consuming and low-cost practice but it isn’t going to help you anyway.

Spun contents have higher risks of getting caught by plagiarism detectors. You may feel delighted to pass your content through plagiarism detectors but most of these kinds of articles get flagged due to the latest Google algorithms.

Cons of a spun content listed below:

  • The content isn’t well written
  • Content makes no sense
  • Likely to get penalized by Google
  • Upsets the readers
  • Not good for your website ranking

Speak Your Mind and add Humor

Speak your mind

Every individual is different and has unique talent and abilities. When you speak your mind, you connect better with the readers. The world of blogging is full of competitors and in this crowded place, you need to raise your own unique voice.

Following your competitors is good but copying them may not be healthy for your blog. Make an effort to use your own experiences and write unique content. You must not create a habit to work on your competitor’s strategies instead you should do improvising and take you own path.

Keyword Research Before Creating Content

Content creation does not mean to write an article after a brief research, it means more than that. Many newbie bloggers don’t do keyword research before creating content and here they make a huge mistake.

When you create content by targeting some keywords the chances of getting better search rankings increases and higher search ranking will bring more visitors to your website resulting in more revenue and traffic.

I have listed a few tips to create SEO optimized article:

  • Add the main keyword to the title
  • Include a related keyword into subtitle
  • Create short and SEO friendly URL
  • Do interlinking
  • Create 1000+ word articles
  • Include SEO optimized images

Offer Something to your Visitors for Free

Offering something to your visitors for free can boost your engagement with your readers. No matter whichever niche’s blog you own, you can provide a lot of different stuff to your readers and create a better relationship and bonding.

Few examples of these types of freebies listed below:

  • eBook
  • Expert advice
  • Roundups
  • Products and services

Include Videos and Podcasts

Gone are the days when content means only several paragraphs of words, these days high-quality images, videos, and Infographics are getting included too. These visuals make the content easy to understand digestible. You can also add podcasts to your blog and many top bloggers and internet marketers doing the same.

There are countless benefits of including visuals to you blog and I have featured few here too:

  • Add vibrancy and color to the blog
  • Enhance social media sharing
  • Help in spreading your message
  • Improve blog SEO
  • Convey professionalism
  • Add humor to the blog

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success and without being consistent you can’t achieve your goals. Blogging is also is a game of consistency and posting blogs at a long time interval may upset your readers.

If you have a huge following of readers then you must provide fresh content regularly. More blogs mean more traffic and more traffic means better search engine rankings.

Utilize Each and Every Platform for Blog Promotion

When it comes to promotion of your blog you must not hesitate to promote it on almost every source available. Now social media has become one of the biggest platforms among the bloggers and internet marketers and you must also utilize it.

Promoting on several social media sites may be a difficult task as an individual and here social media management tools can help you. Blog promotion is a serious business and you must do it with all your heart. I have listed a few of them here for you:

  • Buffer
  • GuestCrew
  • Hootsuite
  • CoSchedule
  • Crowdfire
  • Sprout Social

Bottom Line:

Whether if you are offering a service or product, marketing is an essential practice to boost your reach and increase sales. Marketing isn’t easy when you have a lot of competitors around but applying a few top marketing ideas and strategies you can win this game.