If there’s one thing that has never stopped changing, that would have to be the ecommerce web development trends. And of course, with all these rapid advancements to swoop us right off our feet every now and then we are bound to fall into the trap to follow all the latest trends.

It is not at all surprising to see the amount entrepreneurs are willing to invest just to ensure their site doesn’t get outdated. As the new year approaches, we know it will bring a lot of new trends with it that we cannot resist adding to our websites! Let’s check out a few below!

Latest eCommerce Web Development Trends to Look Out for in 2021

It’s officially the end of 2020 as we know it! Christmas is right around the corner and we can’t help ourselves from thinking about what the future holds for our annual dose of ecommerce web development trends. If there’s one fact that we’re absolutely positive about is that the key to improving your user experience lies within these trends. Just because of that there’s always a high demand for improved user experience.

What developers can keep in mind for 2021 is that simplicity is bliss. Many eCommerce websites are cashing on keeping their web designs simple yet remarkably attractive while they make sure functionality stays their top priority.

1.  Advanced Visuals

2020 was a year that took a toll on us all. It wasn’t all bad news since the pandemic had a positive impact on online retail stores. Regardless of that, the one most common difficulty most users would face was not being able to find all the details about a product listed on the website.

This is what makes the addition of video content, animated visuals, and even cinemagraphs a lot more helpful to grasp the attention of your customers. They help with the details and educate them into understanding your product more efficiently. With an advanced visual of each product, it’s a lot easier for your customers to know what the product is and how it works, etc. And as a bonus the visuals make the product seem more attractive to users which can assist them to make their purchase.

2.  Dark Mode? Yes Please!

In 2020, we were blessed with the gift of dark mode across most if not all of our favorite platforms. From our operating systems to the web version of YouTube – we have the option to switch to dark mode as per our personal preference.

As everyone has embraced the shift and become a part of the trend, it’s only fair that you give the feature a second thought and integrate it into your website as well. Surveys suggest that customers preferred spending more time on the e-Commerce sites/applications that had this option available as it seemed to be more comforting in their overall experience. The dark background reduced the eye strain and reduced battery consumption significantly.

Therefore, if you are interested in improving the UI of your website then including this feature may be the perfect option for you.

3.  Let Your AI Chatbots Do All the Talking

The chatbots of 2020 have jumped on the train of the new-age. Even though it isn’t a relatively new trend it made it to the list considering the rise in significance in today’s day.

These chatbots are fully equipped to assist customers in deciding what product to choose from and how to make the purchase. It has eliminated the waiting time for a customer care representative to come online and help solve their problems. Most chatbots are capable of solving almost all the problems the customer might face while purchasing from the site.

With the 24/7 availability of a virtual assistant, shopping has been made easier for your customers – and as a result, they understand why they should become your frequent customer.

4.  Make Good Use of Your White Space

Nobody finds a cluttered website. The simpler it is, the more it tends to attract your visitors to invest more time on the website. Regardless of how attractive your product and website may appear to be; overstuffing it with infographics and visuals may come off too strong and be the reason they abandon your website.

In 2020, your white space is the new chic. It provides your site with structure, offers a more clean and professional appearance that can grasp your customer’s attention almost instantly. With the use of a white space frame, you can easily separate each product without letting your web page look congested or stuffed.

Based on the layout of the web page, using solid color blocks to separate textual content can make it easier for the users to find what they’re looking for.

5.  Can’t Get Enough of the Grid Layouts

Grid layouts are one of the most important features of 2020 as they can help to add symmetry to the overall look of the page. It allows users to find the product they are looking for while keeping the products structured to make them seem more attractive and aesthetic.

However, the most common mistake in most designs is that they aren’t optimized to display correctly across different devices. This means you need to be careful of adding too many products in one row and maintain about a maximum of 3-4 products per row/column to make it seem more appealing to the viewer.

Final thoughts…

The most important place to start is to invest in your own site. The world is changing and we need to keep up with its fast pace by making our websites more effective and productive. To know about all the latest ecommerce web development trends and be able to embed them within your web design to impress your visitors on a massive scale is the key to create an ideal e-Commerce web design that will bring in more customers and increase your overall sales. If you can implement the tips listed above on your website, it’ll give you a jump ahead of your competition as well as boost your conversion rate.