If you are interested in raising your website development skills, you have found the right place. In these times, the website standards are rising higher with each new technology and software-based innovation. Web users have grown accustomed to excellent sites and expect nothing less than the best user experience. There is a staggering number of websites online – 1.75 billion in total. Creating one has become incredibly simple. One can have one up and running in a mere hour, but standing out and being impressive is a different challenge. We are here to walk you through a website development guide regarding the best new online trends in 2020. While we’re at it, be sure to check out your lucky numbers!

Website Development Trends of 2020

Programming Languages

Programming languages are amongst the most used web development tools. There are hundreds to choose from, and each has its benefits when it comes to building websites. Python is currently trending for its great usability when developing AI, website development, and machine learning applications. The commonly known JAVA and C have come out with new derivatives that are said to increase the productivity and efficiency of the programming language. A hot one to look out for is Google’s Golang. It is rising in popularity due to its open-source base and integration with the Go Playground.

Programming Language


There are many JavaScript frameworks to choose from for website developers. Recently, React and Vue has been incredibly popular in the community. React is seen to be great for static site generation applications, whereas Vue is an efficient option for server-side rendering work. Not long ago, the new trending frameworks were updated with new features that solidify them as more structured and object-oriented JavaScript frameworks of the years to come. If you are a front-end developer who looks to increase the speed of getting your website visuals right, we have a few recommendations for you. Take a look into Bootstrap, Laravel, and CodeIgniter. These are some promising JavaScript frameworks that may take your efficiency to a new level.


Arguably, this is the most sought-after innovation to note, website development star WebAssembly. It is reminiscent of JavaScript, even though some say that it is the next generation of the commonly used framework. It is a fast binary format iteration that promises near-native performance when it comes to web applications of all sorts. WebAssembly is said to be of incredible value when developing high-speed web apps that are often required in streaming, music, CAD applications, games, and video editing.

Renewed Importance of Security

Amongst the main website development requirements is creating a finished product that is secure from any hacking or phishing attempts. Data breaches are becoming increasingly more common on the Internet, and this needs to be addressed and circumvented by developers. One trend we see in 2020 is doubling down on all security issues. Website Development Company is using ever-present web application firewalls more and more. Additionally, AI technology is said to become a regular implementation to help aid web security.

Voice Command Integration

As smart speakers have stormed the market and skyrocketed in popularity, the must-have in new website development requirements is voice command integration. Existing web applications are being modified to react to voice commands, and for new builds, it is of paramount importance to feature the latest technology. The trend is affecting not only the way web apps interact with voice commands but also how efficiently voice-based search commands operate to find relevant data on the web. In 2020, any website should update its functionality to be found easily via an online voice search if they want to keep up with the competition.

HTML Templates

In web development, HTML proficiency is an obvious necessity. To make HTML-based work easier and faster, Envato is offering a massive collection of over a thousand readymade templates that can save developers valuable coding time. These templates are set up to be SEO-ready and highly customizable to suit all your specific needs.

The featuring website development trends of 2020 are heavily based on making things easier, safer, and faster for both developers and regular users. AI implementation is on the rise, and we are likely to see it enter our daily lives more and more. It will benefit users in personalizing content more efficiently and keeping websites secure, among many other benefits. The strides in website development are bringing incredible innovations and promising results. We cannot wait to see what the next year will bring. What do you think of the web development trends this year? Please leave your comments below!