Salesforce is one of the top CRM tools that have strong capabilities in building efficient applications. With the implementation of tools and platforms, Salesforce Development Services enable organizations to deliver better customer experience than ever.

With the increasing expectations from both customers and clients, Salesforce continues to be a leader with its innovative ways of interacting with businesses.

Let’s look at Salesforce CRM Trends in 2021 that you should be well-known as a business organization.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the new buzz in technology. And integrating AI into CRM would automate everything from customer reports to emails to capturing data and more.

Some predictions show that AI-based CRM would raise global business revenue by $1.1 trillion by the end of 2021.

AI-powered CRM chatbots will access data points in the near future that will predict questions from customers or any additional details which customers will need.

Einstein voice assistant is the latest AI ideology which is a component of Salesforce’s Einstein Voice. Einstein AI allows you to build custom predictions and suggestions in a single click, embed predictive insights into any application, and operationalize AI by integrating it into every business process.

Mobile Optimized Application Development

Mobile application development has become the need of every business to deliver an intuitive yet easy-to-use experience to customers. When it comes to Salesforce mobile app development, it ensures the world’s #1 CRM development that enables robust customer data management into one place.

Mobile app development will use Salesforce mobile SDK that will enable Salesforce developers to deliver customized user experiences on mobile devices. All in all, the Salesforce Development Services in 2021 will allow Salesforce developers to create mobile apps and web pages with minimal coding requirements and manage CRM instances in a much better way.

Customer 360

With Salesforce customer 360, the Salesforce customer data platform enables businesses to unify, segment, and make custom data operational. Customer 360 will allow the marketing department to help customers deliver a personalized experience across service, sales, and support. In addition to personalization, the customers’ choices will be recorded that will provide a clear picture of customers’ demands and expectations. Meeting customer demand will eventually lead to generating better sales. You can also use Salesforce surveys to gather complete feedback of the customers.

Marketing Automation

To achieve business sales, Salesforce’s marketing automation is the key software platform. Marketing automation fulfills two major needs i.e., managing large databases and delivering personalized messages to customers and leads prospects.

In marketing automation, Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud are salesforce’s products. Pardot is a marketing automation tool that drives sales and pipeline through email marketing, social media marketing, and more.

On the other hand, Salesforce’s marketing cloud helps in promoting marketing campaigns by sending automated emails to registered and targeted customers. For businesses, these Salesforce development services will be beneficial in near future.  

Voice Technology

For the evolution of Saas tools, voice technology has become critical. It makes technology easier and enjoyable. According to Adobe’s research on voice technology – “Almost 94% of users consider voice technology easy to use and say it saves time.”

Technology like Salesforce’s Einstein Voice Assistant is a boon for the sales department to track, message, and update their team about customer data.

CRM Integration with the Internet of Things (IoT)

According to TechJury,  there are expected to be more than 64 billion IoT devices by 2025. With the latest advancement in technology, not only humans, but the devices are also getting connected with the internet. Whether it’s smart devices, cybersecurity scanners, or wearable devices, the devices are adopting IoT technology worldwide.

With the IoT devices, there is a much more collection of customer data, which makes it possible to personalize customer interaction with your organization. And, it is needless to say that such personalized customer interaction will bridge the gap between the customer’s expectation and what better a company can provide.

Rise of Social CRM

Social CRM is the integration of social media platforms into CRM. With the CRM platform supporting social media, it becomes easier for the customers to interact with businesses via their preferred social channels.  This allows businesses to better understand their customers and deliver better customer service.

Implementation of social CRM by the companies will strengthen the relationship with their existing and potential customers. With the rise of social networking, CRM will allow businesses to develop a one-to-one interaction with customers.

To Sum up

The above discussed are some of the major trends that will be into consideration. It is for sure that CRM software will lead in 2021 and beyond, as automation has already become the key to increase efficiency and performance.

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