Colors play an essential role, not just in our lives but also in web designing. Choosing the right colors for your website is a crucial task as it helps to reflect the true essence of the business.

The colour tools for web designers help in making one of the innovative yet important choices for developing the website – color selection. The colors we give to the website can create a psychological impact on the visitors; as a result, it is vital to get them right.

But, how can you be sure which color combinations work the best for your company or business? Fortunately, there are many color tools for web designers which are helpful to put together an attractive color palette. Most importantly, all these colour tools are free.

So, are you interested in exploring attractive color web designing tools? Read along!

The Best Colour Tools for Web Designers

1. HueSnap:

Whether it is a hotel room décor or website design idea, HueSnap brings everything together when an innovative idea hits. Using this colour tools is pretty simple, which makes it a popular choice for beginners as well.

All you have to do is snap a picture and then use HueSnap to extract the true colors from the image for making a palette. For enhancing the convenience of the users, the app can be used on all the leading smartphones. You can also save your palette and share it with anyone in need.

The tool offers plenty of amazing and effective features to modify your palette and make it exactly how you want it.

2. Khroma:

Khroma is another fascinating and best web design tool that opens you to the world of immense possibility with colors. It is an AI-based color app that allows users to browse different color combinations and compare them with the original combinations.

Using this tool is simple. For instance – pick your most favorite 50 colors. These colors follow the required AI algorithm to form a neural network to recognize hundreds and thousands of unique color combinations.

3. Colordot:

The next color tool we have on our list is Colordot, a free and excellent online color tool to create the palette of your choice. The tool works with the simple movements of your system’s mouse.

Move the mouse in any desired gestures to select and save the colors you like. The back and forth movement of the mouse is for hue, the upside and downward movement of the mouse adjusts the lighting, and you can scroll to control the saturation levels.

The color tool supports an iOS app that allows users to capture their favorite colors using their phone camera.


If you are looking for such colour tools for web designers, which offer plenty of features to control and adjust your palette, then Coolors would make the right choice. The tool also allows web designers to view and use their created color palette virtually.

This tool is not just limited to creating your preferred color palettes but also allows the users to view the color palettes created by other users. This helps in spreading inspiration amongst web designers.

The Explore section of the tool opens hundreds of palette options to view, save and edit for your use.

5. ColourCode:

ColourCode is one of the best web design tools, which works very similar to Colordot but with more detailing and guidance. The background used in this tool changes its color according to your cursor movements. This helps in finding many new color options.

Besides this, the tool brings different categories for the color palette like the monochrome, quad, monochrome light, triad, analogue, etc. Thanks to this, you can save all your favorite colors under a chosen category to create some original color combinations.

According to the need, you can save your created palette and export the same as SCSS file, LESS file, or a PNG file.


These colour tools for web designers help smart work to save time and effort while creating an innovative and attractive website. You can also explore the various benefits offered by Topcssgallery to make your business website an outstanding piece of art with on-point color combinations. It helps your business website look its best.

If you still have any concerns or doubts, we are here to help you through. Write to us in the comments.