Amidst all the glamorous, glitz, and shiny appearance of different WordPress websites design, it is essential to have your own unique WordPress Design Ideas identity.

Choosing such a WordPress website design to help your business get its distinguished place is vital to surviving in the market.

Moreover, to keep your business website ahead of the others, it is important to understand what is popular in WordPress.

Also, you should be aware of the popular website design ideas which will look brilliant with your business vision and idea.

Here are some of the top website design inspiration ideas that you can try today to give your business website the push it needs.

Top and Trending WordPress Design Ideas for Websites:

1. Minimalistic Design:

While you may believe that just the flashy and glittery colours and design attract the most eyes, the reality is somehow different from this.

Flat or minimalistic designs have been popular for a while now, and there aren’t going anywhere soon. They are here to stay.

To give a competitive edge to your business website, use a minimalistic and simple design with flat colours, clarity, and desired white spaces. This not only attracts the eyes to the most important parts of the website, but it also helps your website to load faster.

Thanks to the minimalistic design approach, the white spaces help both the text and images shine brightly on your WordPress website.

2. High Saturation and Vibrant Colours:

If you are not a big fan of minimalistic design for your best web design inspirations site, you can try high saturation and vibrant colours.

The choice of the colour combination you make significantly affects how the visitors look and perceive your business website.

Moreover, it is found that buyers make the most assessment of the offered products based on their colours. Thus, choosing a striking colour combination is one of the easiest ways to make your website stand out.

You can either choose the available colour templates available in the WordPress community or customize the colour combinations according to your business vibe.

3. Asymmetric and Broken Layouts:

Minimalistic and flat designs indeed have their magic, but you sometimes need to stand out using a different design approach. Asymmetric and broken layouts serve you the same unique and distinguishing vibe.

Many WordPress website developers push the boundaries to try their hands on the broken layout WordPress website design ideas. Make use of sliding images, twisted looks, overlapping elements, etc., to attract more attention to your business website.

The only thing that should be paid close attention to is preserving the originality of your business website idea.

You don’t want to end up with a complicated website giving a hard time to everyone with its navigation and use. Isn’t it?

4. Big and Bold Fonts:

While trying to experiment with website design inspiration and ideas, you can play by trying different variations in the font size.

Instead of using 1 or 2 font sizes, you can mix many font sizes to create a unique kind of masterpiece.

Using different bold font sizes is a simple way to turn the written words into innovative art pieces. Also, you can set the tone of your business website by being creative with its font sizes.

Large and bold font size ensures that your important message comes across on even the smaller screen with the same impact.

However, the most important thing that matters in adjusting the font size is the readability of the text. Keep experimenting with the text and its font size as long as it is readable with its expected meaning.


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It can be fascinating to play and experiment with various website designs to overshadow everyone else. Be realistic and innovative with your approach, and you are all sorted to leave a lasting impression.

For any more doubts, reach us in the comment section. We are here to assist you.